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Licensee Support

The following information is available through the Board's Online Services. Most of the online service features require the user to become a registered user. To register, the user must go through the State of Iowa’s registration portal called Enterprise A & A (A&A).  From the board’s online services web page, you will be directed to the A&A website to create your account that will allow you to access the board’s online services.  You do not need to be a registered user to File a Complaint or Find a Physician or Acupuncturist.

View User Profile & Update Mailing Address:  Update your contact information, including your e-mail address.

Manage Additional Addresses:  Add additional work or home addresses to your record.

Licensing:  Apply for a license, check the status of an application for licensure, renew or reinstate an existing license. Click here for details on how to apply for a license. Please note: the option to renew will not be available more than 60 days prior to your renewal date.

Submit Reports or Payments:  Make amendments to an application for licensure, complete quarterly reports if you are under a board order, a participant in the IPHP or part of a licensee’s treatment team, complete the annual residency director’s report, and submit payment on a required fee or fine.

Self-Report to the Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP):  Submit a self-report to the IPHP.

Purchase Items:  Purchase services from the board such as data lists, copies of records, duplicate certificates, etc. 

View Transaction History:  View your payment history with the board.

File a Complaint:  Submit a complaint against a licensee.

Find a Physician or Acupuncturist:  Look up a licensee to check their licensure status. To search by license number users must enter a letter prefix followed by a hypen before the number.

  • For MD licenses, enter MD-number

  • For DO licenses, enter DO-0 before the number (DO numbers must include a leading zero)

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