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Training for Identifying and Reporting Abuse

Mandatory Reporter Information


Please sign in here: to access DS 168 Dependent Adult Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training and DS 169 Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training. Once a participant signs in or creates an account, they will be brought to a welcome page to select the training they need.


  • Removes the Iowa Department of Public Health’s responsibility to review and approve mandatory reporter training curricula.
  • Requires the Department of Human Services to develop and provide the core training curriculum for all mandatory reporters in Iowa. 
  • Allows for an employer to provide supplemental training as it relates to their professional practice, in addition to the core training curriculum provided by DHS. 
  • Maintains that every mandatory reporter must complete 2 hours of training within six months of employment or self-employment, unless otherwise specified by federal regulations, and requires one hour of additional training every 3 years.
    • The child and dependent adult abuse trainings can no longer be combined into one 2-hour course. Both the child and dependent adult abuse core trainings will be 2 hours each. 
    • All mandatory reporters are required to take the core (2-hour) training initially, but will be allowed to take a one hour recertification training every three years thereafter so long as they do so prior to the three-year expiration period.
  • Clarifies that all valid mandatory reporter training certificates issued prior to July 1, 2019 remain effective for 5 years.


Question: How do I access the training, and will I get a certificate when I complete it?

Answer: Both the Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training and the Dependent Adult Mandatory Reporter trainings are available through the Department of Human Services website here: Each participant will register with DHS’ Learning Management System and complete the training online - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be a pre- and post-test to ensure competencies are attained. Each participant will then obtain a certificate of completion to provide to their employer.

Q: Can I download, print, or email the certificate of completion?

A: Yes, the participant can download, print, and send the certificate via email.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for organizations to get a report on their employees from DHS on who has completed the training?

A: DHS will not be able to provide reports regarding who has completed the training. All training participants, who successfully complete the training, will receive a training certificate. The participant will have the ability to email, download and upload, and print their training certificate as proof of training completion. Employers who require their staff to provide proof of training should provide clear instructions to their employees on how their organization will track training completion.

Q: Is there a fee for each 2-hour training, or for the 1-hour recertification training?

A: There is no fee for the 2-hour training or the 1-hour recertification training, and they are free for all.

Q: After I complete the initial 2-hour training, how often am I required to recertify, and how long is the recertification training?

A: Mandatory reporters must take the 1-hour recertification training within 3 years of the initial 2-hour training, and every 3 years thereafter, in order to remain in compliance with the law.

Q: Will I be reminded that my 3-year certification is preparing to expire by DHS’ LMS?

A: Not at this time.

Q: If certification was acquired prior to July 1, 2019, will I need to take the new curriculum training to maintain my certification?

A: Legislation clarifies that all valid mandatory reporter training certificates issued prior to July 1, 2019 remain effective for five years.

Q: Is support available to me if I have a technical issue?

A: Yes. Email to access support assistance for the Learning Management System.

Q: Can I view the training on a mobile device?

A: Yes. The training will be available to be viewed on a mobile device.  The user should make certain they have a strong data connection. 

Q: Are Continuing Education Units offered?

A: Yes. Consistent with previous years, this training will offer CEUs.

Q: Is it possible to enter an alternate email address when I set up my profile?

A: Yes. The user will create their own profile, and they can select any email address they choose at that time.

Q: Is it possible to update my email address if my employment changes?

A: Yes. The user can log into the LMS and update their profile with any changes to their email address or other pertinent information at any time.

Q: Is the training offered in any languages other than English?

A: Not at this time, but we are exploring the possibility. Closed captioning in English is available.

Q: Can an employer administer the training?

A: An employer can provide supplemental training as it relates to their professional practice in addition to the core training curriculum provided by DHS. 

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