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Online Renewal

NOTICE for ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY PHYSICIANS:  The board recently implemented a rule that exempts a physician who was on active duty in the U.S. armed forces, reserves or national guard during their renewal period from having to pay the renewal fee.  “Active duty” means full-time training or active service in the U.S. armed forces, reserves or national guard.   If you qualify for this type of renewal, please contact Judy Hojati, Renewal Coordinator at 515-242-3248 or to request a paper renewal application.


Instructions for Renewing Online

The online renewal system is a secure website that only the physician can access. The physician will be guided through a series of screens to allow for a renewal of their license. The online renewal system accepts MasterCard, Visa or Discover and once the physician has completed all the required screens, the license will automatically be renewed. You will not be able to access the system more than 75 days before or 60 days after your expiration date.

To facilitate the online renewal process, please have the following required items available before initiating the renewal process:

As you begin the online renewal process, please be advised that you must complete the process during this session. Data will not be saved and you cannot come back and finish at a later date.

It ishighly recommend that Internet Explorer or FireFox be used as your web browser for Online Renewal.

For assistance with any problems you may contact Steven Ervin at 515-281-6933 between the hours of 8:45AM and 4:45PM, M-F.



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