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Please provide the following information so that we may acknowledge receipt of your complaint and may contact you should we need further information. You can also download the complaint form in .PDF format from HERE.

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Complaint Filed Against

Please supply specific information regarding the provider physician you are filing a complaint against. Include the provider's full name and practice location.

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NOTE: If you are filing complaints against several physicians, you must send each one separately. To do this, complete this form, send it and then back up and fill out the information for the next physician. The rest of the information will still be filled in.

Narrative Information*

Provide detailed information regarding your complaint and include date(s) of treatment.

Questions About Your Complaint

1. Did you discuss this complaint with the physician?


2. Did you obtain an opinion from another physician about your complaint?


3. Have you contacted an attorney or another regulatory agency about your complaint?


4. Do you have/did you have a professional relationship (business, employment, etc.) with the health care provider?


5. Do you have/did you have a personal relationship with the health care provider?


Your Expectations

1. What would you like the Iowa Board of Medicine to do about your complaint?

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If you should encounter any problems with this process, or wish to speak to someone, please contact Luann Brickei at 515-242-3252, or by e-mail.


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