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Iowa Board of Medicine

Review Process

An application for initial licensure is considered open from the date the application form is received in the board office with the non-refundable initial licensure fee. After reviewing each application, staff will notify the physician about how to resolve any problems or deficiencies identified by the reviewer.

If the final review indicates no questions or concerns regarding the applicant's qualifications for licensure, staff may administratively grant the license. If the final review indicates questions or concerns that cannot be remedied by continued communication with the physician, the executive director, the director of licensure and administration, and the director of legal affairs shall determine whether the questions or concerns indicate any uncertainty about the applicant's current qualifications for licensure.

If there is no current concern, staff shall administratively grant the license. If any concern exists, the application shall be referred to the Licensure Committee.

Staff shall refer to the committee for review matters which include but are not limited to:

  • Falsification of information on the application
  • Criminal record
  • Malpractice
  • Substance abuse
  • Competency
  • Physical or mental illness
  • Professional disciplinary history

If the committee is able to eliminate questions or concerns without dissension from staff or a committee member, the committee may direct staff to grant the license administratively. If the committee is not able to eliminate questions or concerns without dissension from staff or a committee member, the committee shall recommend that the board:

  • Request an investigation;
  • Request that the applicant appear for an interview;
  • If the physician has not engaged in active practice in the past three years in any jursidiction of the United States or Canada, require an applicant to:
    • Successfully pass a competency evaluation approved by the board
    • Successfully pass SPEX, COMVEX-USA, or another examination approved by the board, or
    • Successfully complete a retraining program arranged by the physician and approved in advance by the board
  • Grant a license
  • Grant a license under certain terms and conditions or with certain restrictions
  • Request that the applicant withdraw the licensure application
  • Deny the license

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