Iowa Board of Medicine Mission and Goals

Under the authority of Iowa Code Chapters 147, 148 and 148E, the Board of Medicine serves the citizens of Iowa by ensuring that all opathic physicians (M.D.), osteopathic physicians (D.O.), acupuncturists (L.Ac.) and genetic counselors (LCGC) are qualified to practice and they adhere to laws, rules and standards that regulate their practices. The 10 - member Board, established in 1886, is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Board is composed of five M.D.s, two D.O.s, and three non - physician public members. An Executive Branch agency within the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Board is funded exclusively with fees from its licensees. It maintains an independent staff and office.

The Board protects the public by investigating complaints and reports concerning conduct or competency issues of physicians and acupuncturists practicing in Iowa. In addition, the Board provides an advocacy and confidential monitoring program to support physicians who self-report mental health issues, physical disabilities or substance use disorders that could impair their ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety.


To protect the health and safety of the public through effective licensure and regulation of physicians, acupuncturists and genetic counselors.


  • Ensure that persons practicing medicine or acupuncture meet sufficient standards of education, training, competence and ethics.
  • Protect the public by effectively enforcing laws and standards.
  • Increase public, licensee and stakeholder awareness of the Board, its mission, activities and services.
  • Rehabilitate, when possible, persons who are impaired or who practice unethically or below minimal standards of care, and prohibit persons who have not been rehabilitated from practicing medicine or acupuncture.
  • Prohibit persons from practicing medicine or acupuncture whose violations are so egregious as to forfeit the privilege, or who otherwise lack legal authority.
  • Achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of organizational effectiveness and accountability.

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