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February 2018

The Iowa Board of Medicine strives to provide timely service in the licensure process. It takes approximately 60-90 days to process a new license application. March through July is our busiest time of year and the Board anticipates a longer than usual process time. Furthermore, the licensure staff may not be able to return phone calls or e-mails within 1 business day, as is the current practice. Staff reviews applications in the order they are received. Once the application has been reviewed, applicants will be notified via e-mail with instructions on how to submit outstanding materials or view amendments needed to complete the application.

Applicants who have had difficulties or issues during their education, training or career will take longer to review and may require a review by the Board’s Licensure Committee, which will be determined in the final review process. Applicants who have not practiced medicine in the U.S. or Canada within the past three years from the date the application is submitted will require a review by the Licensure Committee. In 2018, the Board will hold regularly scheduled meetings on: February 15-16, April 5-6, June 7-8, July 26-27, September 13-14, October 25-26 and December 13-14.

How Can You Help?

  • Use the “A-Z Listings” on the Board’s website, www.medicalboard.iowa.gov, as the first source of information about the process. Check the site for answers to questions before calling or e-mailing the licensure staff.
  • Provide a valid e-mail account to communicate directly with the applicant. Staff will include authorized contacts (licensing assistants) on communications when indicated and appropriate, but a valid, personal email address regularly used by the applicant is required on both parts of the application. Not providing direct contact information will delay the process.
  • Print and review the Instructions for the Iowa Board of Medicine provided within the Uniform Application prior to applying. Important instructions and a checklist of required items for each license type are available in this guide.
  • Thoroughly review applications to ensure they are completed accurately before submitting to the Board. Applications that are incomplete or include errors will take longer to process and could result in disciplinary action. Both parts of the application must be completed and submitted by the physician seeking licensure, and should not be completed by a third party.
  • Applicants should create and maintain their Online Services account which is used to submit Application Part 2 – State Specific Addendum and view outstanding items or submit amendments. It is also used to renew a license, update contact information, etc.
  • Request verifications and other required documentation as you begin the Uniform Application. Documents received by the board prior to receipt of the application are maintained for six months.
  • The board accepts ink-rolled or digital fingerprints performed by a law enforcement agency (police station or sheriff’s office) in the U.S. or Canada or at a U.S. Embassy. Digital prints must be done in real-time (not stored) and applied to the card provided by the Board. We do not accept electronic prints completed and stored by third party vendors.
  • Log on to your Online Services account https://eservices.iowa.gov/PublicPortal/Iowa/IBM/common/index.jsp to check the status of your application, review a list of outstanding material and submit any required amendments before contacting licensure staff for an update. Staff typically updates the online information within 1 business day of receipt of new materials.
  • Limit e-mail and phone-call inquiries to once a week. Residency programs, hospital staff, and locums agencies that coordinate licensing for residents and physicians should designate one person to contact licensure staff with questions. Inquiries should be directed to the staff person reviewing the file. If you do not know the name of the reviewer, please contact the board’s main line at 515-281- 6641 or email licensure@iowa.gov.

The Board plays a key role in protecting the public’s health through licensure, investigation, and monitoring of physicians who practice in Iowa. Your help in making effective use of the licensure staff’s time is appreciated.

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