Teleconference Agenda 4.23.2020

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APRIL 23, 2020 – 7:30 a.m.

To join the teleconference, dial 1-866-685-1580
Use the conference code 971-913-4151#

State your name and press 1 to join conference

This meeting is being held via teleconference because an in-person meeting is impractical due to the timely nature of the agenda items and the anticipated brevity of this meeting. 

A G E N D A1,2

Board Members:  Chair; Kyle Ulveling, M.D.; Diane Cortese; Warren Gall, M.D.; Ronald J. Kolegraff, M.D.; Mary Jo Romanco; Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D.; Nikhil Wagle, M.D; Brian Wilson, D.O.


  1. Call to order and roll call to establish quorum.       
  2. Vote to approve agenda.        


  1. Consider the pending evaluation order for file 02-2019-100.
  2. Consider the Combined Statement of Charges and Settlement Agreement for file 02-2019-075.
  3. Consider the investigative report regarding file 02-2020-016.
  4. Consider the investigative report regarding file 02-2020-077.
  5. Consideration of evaluation orders in light of COVID-19.



  1. Vote on closed session cases


Motion to adjourn

[1] Public agenda materials are available via e-mail. Contact  or (515) 281-5171.

[2] The Board may address agenda items out of sequence to accommodate persons appearing before the Board or to aid in the    efficiency or effectiveness of the meeting

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