IBM TC Minutes June 16.2022

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Warren Gall, M.D., Chair

Eugene Cherny, M.D.

Patricia Fasbender, D.O.

Dalton Hayes

Jason Meyers,

Rose Mitchell

Chad Stadsvold, D.O.

Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D.


Trudy Caviness

Vickie Pyevich, D.O.


Jill Stuecker, Interim Executive Director

Joseph A. Fraioli, J.D., Legal Director

Anne Schlepphorst, Chief Investigator

Jennifer Ware, Licensure Director

Anagha Dixit, Assistant Attorney General

At 7: 34 a.m., Joseph Fraioli, J.D. called the meeting to order and roll call was taken.

At 7:38 a.m., Warren Gall, M.D., seconded by Chad Stadsvold, D.O., all Board members present voted to meet in closed session, pursuant to Iowa Code Sections 21.5(1)(a), 21.5(1)(d) and 21.5(1)(f), to review or discuss records which are required or authorized by state or federal law to be kept confidential, discuss the contents of a licensing examination or whether to initiate licensee disciplinary investigations or proceedings, and discuss the decision to be rendered in a contested case.

At 8:10 a.m., on a motion by Rose Mitchell, seconded by Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D., all Board members present vote to go into open session.

The following report containing the Board’s decisions was presented by Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D.:


File 02-2021-563

Board Consideration of Combined (Signed) - Approved Combined statement of Charges


Files 03-2017-364, 03-2017-403, 03-2017-641

Board consideration for closure - Approved to close all files


File 02-2021-344 - Leave open for peer review


File 02-2021-345 - Leave open for peer review


File 02-2021-346 - Approved to close


File 03-2018-394 - (Dixit and Cherny recused)

Board Consideration of Request for Approval of Amended Order - Approved Amendment


On a motion by Chad Stadsvold, D.O., seconded by Eugene Cherny, M.D., all Board members present voted to approve the above report.


At 8:12, on a motion by Chad Stadsvold, D.O., seconded by Eugene Cherny, M.D., all members present voted to adjourn the teleconference. 

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