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Iowa Board of Medicine

IBM TC Minutes July 3, 2023

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MEMBERS PRESENT:                    

Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D., Chair

Patricia Fasbender, D.O., Vice-Chair

Chad Stadsvold, D.O., Secretary

Eugene Cherny, M.D.

Robert Donnelly, M.D.

Jason Meyers, M.D.

Vickie Pyevich, M.D.

MEMBERS ABSENT:                      

Rose Mitchell                    

STAFF PRESENT:                

Jill Stuecker, Division Director

Dennis Tibben, Executive Director

Anne Schlepphorst, Chief Investigator

Katie Carl, Assistant Attorney General

Kaitie Westphal, Enforcement Support



Jacob Appel

Amy Belice

Laura Belin



John Dennis

Jill Eggenberger

Scott Flacks

John Hoyem

Joan Johnson


Alex K.

Clark Kauffman


Kathy Lage

Sherri Moler

Michaela Ramm


Joshua Sims

Agatha Smith

Raynce Stanley

G. Swanson

Jesse Weiss

At 5:33 p.m., Dennis Tibben, Executive Director, called the meeting to order.

At 5:34 p.m., on a motion by Chad Stadsvold, D.O., seconded by Patricia Fasbender, D.O., all members present voted to meet in closed session, pursuant to Iowa Code Sections 21.5(1)(a) and 21.5(1)(d), to review or discuss records which are required or authorized by state or federal law to be kept confidential; and to discuss the contents of a licensing examination or whether to initiate licensee disciplinary investigations or proceedings.  Eugene Cherny, M.D., Robert Donnelly, M.D., Patricia Fasbender, D.O., Jason Meyers, M.D., Vickie Pyevich, M.D., Chad Stadsvold, D.O., and Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D., all voted aye in a roll call vote to approve the motion.

At 6:38 p.m., while still in closed session, all members present voted in favor of a motion by Robert Donnelly, M.D., seconded by Eugene Cherny, M.D., to meet in an open session.  In open session, the Board took the following actions:

On a motion by Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D., seconded by Chad Stadsvold, D.O., all Board members present voted to accept the Stipulated Order – Agreement Not to Practice for Lynn M. Lindaman, M.D., file 02-2023-303.

At 6:40 p.m., all members present voted in favor of a motion Robert Donnelly, M.D., seconded by Eugene Cherny, M.D., to adjourn the teleconference.


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