February 14, 2020 Teleconference

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February 14, 2020 – 7:30 a.m.

This meeting is being held by teleconference because an in-person meeting is impractical due to the timely nature of the agenda items and the anticipated brevity of this meeting. 




Board Members:  Chair; Kyle Ulveling, M.D., Ronald Cheney, D.O.; Warren Gall, M.D.; Analisa Haberman, D.O.; Mary Jo Romanco; Brian Wilson, D.O.



  1. Call to order & roll call to establish quorum.


  1. Vote to Approve Agenda


  1. Motion to meet in closed session pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.5(1) “f” to discuss the Decision to be rendered in a contested case proceeding conducted according to the provisions of Iowa Code Chapter 17A. (Roll call vote required. Two-thirds of the members present must approve the motion.)


  1. Consider the Investigative Reports for files 03-2018-394 & 03-2019-396.


  1. Motion to meet in open session. (Voice vote required. A simple majority approves the motion.)


  1. Vote on closed session item. (Roll call vote required.)


  1. Motion to adjourn. (Voice vote required.  A simple majority approves the motion.)



[1] Public agenda materials are available via e-mail. Contact ibm@iowa.gov  or (515) 281-5171.


[2] The Board may address agenda items out of sequence to accommodate persons appearing before the Board or to aid in the efficiency or effectiveness of the meeting.

Contact ibm@iowa.gov to request an accessible version of this document.

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