Executive Director's Report - April 15-16, 2021

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(April 15-16, 2021)

Staffing Update:

  1. IPHP Program Coordinator:  Amy Van Maanen has accepted a new  position with the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Her last day with the Board will be April 20.  Please join me in congratulating Amy on her new position and thanking her for over 20 years of invaluable service to the Board.  Amy has always been an exceptional team member and great to work with.  We will definitely miss her.
  1. Enforcement Clerk:  Kitty Moore accepted this position and she began on April 2. Kitty brings several years of customer service and administrative experience from the editorial world.  Kitty will work in the office full-time.  Please join me in welcoming Kitty to our team.
  1. Investigator:  Michelle Delong has accepted this position and she will begin on April 30. Michelle brings over 15 years of investigative, case management and supervisory experience from the Iowa Department of Human Services.  Please join me in welcoming Michelle to our team.
  1. Licensure Specialist: We are currently evaluating the applicants for this position and hope to hire someone soon.
  1. Temp-Position – Licensure:  We are currently evaluating the applicants for this position and hope to hire someone soon.

Legislative Update:  This has been a very busy legislative session.  The Board’s Bill (HF 764) is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee and its passage is unclear.  We have been monitoring a couple dozen Bills and we have provided fiscal impact statements for over 20 Bills.  Fortunately, none of the Bills should have a significant financial impact on the Board. 

Board Meeting Update:

  1. Board Meetings:  We will hold the June 3-4 Board meeting virtually and assess returning to in-person meetings during the June meeting.
  1. IPHP Meetings:  The IPHP will meet on May 6 and will be held virtually.
  1. Teleconference:  The next teleconference is on May 13.

Budget Update:  The new licensure legislation appears have had little impact on the Board’s budget and I will provide an updated budget at July 22-23 meeting.

Remote Working:  The majority of staff continue to work remotely most of the time and it is working well.  We are working with each staff member to determine the best strategy for each staff member and the functioning of the agency.  This will likely continue until at least the end of June.  The Department of Public Health is working on a new policy for remote working and they hope to release the policy by July 1. 

Emergency Declarations: The Governor has issued several emergency proclamations that impact licensure and the practice of medicine in Iowa in response to COVID-19.  The Governor has been issuing the proclamations about every 30 days.  The current proclamation expires on May 2 and I expect the Governor to extend the proclamation.  Please check the Board’s website for updates.




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