Emergency Teleconference Agenda April 3, 2020

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To participate, please dial 1-312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 785 118 151

Password: 7190


This meeting is being held by teleconference because an in-person meeting is impractical due to the timely nature of the agenda items and the anticipated brevity of this meeting. 


A G E N D A1,2

Board Members:  Chair; Kyle Ulveling, M.D.; Diane Cortese; Warren Gall, M.D.; Ronald J. Kolegraff, M.D.; Mary Jo Romanco; Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D.; Nikhil Wagle, M.D; Brian Wilson, D.O.




  1. Call to order and roll call to establish quorum.       
  2. Vote to approve agenda.        
  3. Consideration of the Governor's emergency declaration pertaining to nonessential or elective surgeries and procedures that utilize personal protective equipment.  Please see below.


Gov. Reynolds signs new proclamation continuing State Public Health Emergency Declaration | Office of the Governor of Iowa


SECTION ONE.  Pursuant to Iowa Code § 135.144(3), and in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Public Health, unless otherwise modified by subsequent proclamation or order of the Iowa Department of Public Health, I hereby order that effective at 5:00 p.m. on March 27, 2020, and continuing until this disaster proclamation expires:

  1. All nonessential or elective surgeries and procedures that utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) must not be conducted by any hospital, outpatient surgery provider, or outpatient procedure provider, whether public, private, or nonprofit.


  1. A nonessential surgery or procedure is one that can be delayed without undue risk to the current or future health of a patient, considering all appropriate factors including, but not limited to any: (1) threat to the patient’s life if the surgery or procedure is not performed; (2) threat of permanent dysfunction of an extremity or organ system; (3) risk of metastasis or progression of staging; and (4) risk of rapidly worsening to severe symptoms.


  1. Each hospital, outpatient surgery provider, and outpatient procedure provider shall limit all nonessential individuals in surgery and procedure suites and patient care areas where PPE is required. Only individuals essential to conducting the surgery or procedure shall be present in such areas.


  1. Each hospital, outpatient surgery provider, and outpatient procedure provider shall establish an internal governance structure to ensure that the principles outlined above are followed.


4.  Consideration of submitting a request to the Governor asking her to issue an emergency declaration with a Shelter in Place Order for the state of Iowa due to the risks to healthcare providers.


Motion to adjourn

[1] Public agenda materials are available via e-mail. Contact ibm@iowa.gov  or (515) 281-5171.

  1. The Board may address agenda items out of sequence to accommodate persons appearing before the Board or to aid in the efficiency or effectiveness of the meeting

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