2021 Tips - Applying for a Resident Physician License

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2021 Tips - Applying for a Resident Physician License

License Application

  • Go to https://medicalboard.iowa.gov/applyrenew-license/applying-license for detailed instructions and links to apply for a license.
  • The Iowa Board uses a two-part online application process.  The application may be completed in any order. However, we recommend that you submit Application Part 1 - Uniform Application (UA) to the Board first; then complete and submit Application Part 2 – State Specific Addendum and fee through the Board’s online services. 
  • Within the UA, you will find state specific instructions for Iowa.  Applicants should print and follow ALL instructions that are specific to the license type for which you are applying.
  • The Iowa Board DOES NOT require applicants to use the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) as part of the application process, though we do accept FCVS if you choose to use their service.  For most resident license applicants, especially recent medical school graduates, the Board strongly recommends that applicants NOT utilize FCVS. 
  • After receipt of both parts of the application, a background check packet (fingerprint card and two waivers) will be mailed to your home address.  You must provide a current home mailing address on the application.
  • Provide complete and accurate information on the application.  You will be required to correct inaccurate or missing information, which will cause delays in the application process.
  • Submit the application as soon as possible to ensure issuance of your license before the start date of your residency.
  • Some fellowship programs may require a permanent license.  Contact your program director to confirm whether a permanent license is appropriate prior to submission of an application.   

Application Process

  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.  Once the application has been reviewed, you will be notified via e-mail with instructions on how to submit outstanding materials or view amendments needed to complete the licensure process.  Questions about your application must be directed to the staff person who reviewed your application.
  • Applicants who answer “Yes” to any of the Quality Control Questions in the Application Part 2 – State Specific Addendum, or applicants who do not initially disclose information, should anticipate a longer processing time. Those applications will be staffed by the executive director, director of legal affairs and director of licensure to determine whether the application requires review by the Licensure Committee of the Board. 
  • Once the license is issued, you will be notified via e-mail with an attached issue letter that identifies your license information.  This is the only document you will receive which identifies your license information, so you will need to maintain it in your personal file for future reference.

After the License is Issued

  • Change of Address:  When you move to the location of your residency program, you must update your address with the Board.  Iowa Administrative Code 653-9.12(1) Change of Address requires licensees to update change in contact information, including home or practice address or email, within one month (30 days) of making a change. 

To update your address go to the Board’s online services at: https://eservices.iowa.gov/PublicPortal/Iowa/IBM/common/index.jsp

Once logged in, update your contact information in two places:

    • ‘View User Profile’ to update mailing address
    • ‘Manage Additional Addresses’ to update home and work
  • Applicants without a U.S. social security number (SSN) must call or email (licensure@iowa.gov) the Board to update their information as soon as a SSN has been assigned. 

Receipt of Payment

  • A receipt for the application fee can be printed after completing the addendum and paying the application fee.  You may also access your transaction history by logging in to your online services account and selecting ‘View Transaction History.

Contact Information

  • For questions about the content that needs to be entered on the UA, eligibility requirements, or the application process, call the Board’s main number at 515-281-6641. 
  • For technical assistance in utilizing or accessing the Uniform Application (UA), call the UA Helpline at 817-868-5194.
  • For technical assistance in utilizing or accessing the Application Part 2 – State Specific Addendum, call the Board’s IT Specialist at 515-281-6933.

Application process

  • To monitor your application and its status you will need to log into your online services account.
  • Each email you send with questions pulls staff from processing applications, please keep your follow up emails without documentation needed for your application to a minimum.
  • Licensure is inundated with applications during resident season. Please be patient.
  • Much like others during this time licensure staff are all working remotely. Because of this getting ahold of staff via the phone will be difficult.
  • Check our website for your questions prior to calling.


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