Board Committee Assignments

Four standing committees comprised of board members are used to facilitate the board’s routine work at meetings. The committees, each with five members, are Executive, Licensure, Monitoring and Screening.  Members of these committees are assigned annually by the board’s chairperson. The following is the membership of these committees:


Joyce Vista-Wayne, MD, Chair
Patricia Fasbender, DO, Vice Chair
Chad Stadsvold, DO, Secretary


Patricia Fasbender, DO, Chair
Eugene Cherney, MD
Robert Donnelly, MD
Vickie Pyevich, MD


Jason Meyers, MD, Chair
Rose Kleyweg Mitchell
Chad Stadsvold, DO
Joyce Vista-Wayne, MD


Vickie Pyevich, MD, Chair
Eugene Cherney, MD
Robert Donnelly, MD
Rose Kleyweg Mitchell
Jason Meyers, MD

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