Board and Staff Members

Board Members

Name Position City
Joyce Vista Wayne, M.D. Physician Member, Vice Chairperson Clive
Patricia Fasbender, D.O. Physician Member, Secretary Des Moines
Eugene Cherny, M.D. Physician Member Des Moines
Robert Donnelly, M.D. Physician Member Clinton
Jason Meyers, M.D. Physician Member Clive
Rose Kleyweg Mitchell Public Member Clive
Vickie Pyevich, M.D. Physician Member Bettendorf
Chad Stadsvold, D.O. Physician Member Sioux City

Alternate Board Members

Name Position City
Julie Carmody, M.D. Physician Member Des Moines
Ronald Cheney, D.O. Physician Member Carrol
Ronald Kolegraff, M.D. Physician Member Milford
Allison Schoenfelder, M.D. Physician Member Akron
Brian Wilson, D.O. Physician Member Spencer
Rodney Zeitler, M.D. Physician Member Iowa City

Staff Members

Name (Send an Email) Position Phone
Dennis Tibben Executive Director (515) 281-7088
Brandi Allen Investigator (515) 725-2279
Dakota Allison Licensure Specialist Trainer/Complex Cases, AA2 (515) 242-3252
Natalie Anderson Investigator (515) 725-2915
Desiree Burrows Licensure Specialist (515) 281-5172
Chloe Carpenter Licensure Specialist (515) 281-6917
Michelle DeLong Investigator (515) 322-6902
Alecia Fagen Enforcement Secretary (515) 281-5499
Marvin Firch Monitoring Coordinator (515) 281-5525
Chrissy Greco Assistant to the Executive Director (515) 242-6039
Jerome Hill Investigator (515) 725-3481
Kelsey Johnson Licensure Specialist (515) 242-3248
Natalie Lyons Case Manager (515) 281-6491
David McGlaughlin Investigator (515) 805-6944
Kari Rolls Enforcement Administrative Assistant (515) 281-3779
Anne Schlepphorst Chief Investigator (515) 242-3274
Kristin Waltermire Compact Licensing Coordinator (515) 281-7157
Jennifer Ware Director of Licensure (515) 281-6492
Kaitie Westphal Enforcement Secretary (515) 281-5847
Tracy White Investigator (515) 707-6126
Laura Wood Investigator (515) 725-0603
Emily Zalasky IPHP Program Coordinator (515) 281-6006

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