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There are several ways to verify the status of an Iowa physician, acupuncturist and genetic counselor license.

Quick License Look-up

To a State Licensing Board within the U.S.

Go to the Veridoc Website to request the verification of your Iowa license to another licensing board. 

  • You will pay by credit card and the verification will be sent immediately to the state medical or osteopathic board.
  • Each request will include verification of all licenses a physician has held in Iowa, e.g., resident and permanent licenses.
  • Please note that ALL states accept VeriDoc verifications. The board will not complete other state medical board license verification forms. The Iowa board's standard verification letter generated through VeriDoc will provide all information required by a state medical board.

To an Agency Outside the U.S.

For requests to agencies outside the U.S. (Canada and overseas), sign in to your Online Services account and select 'Verification of physician license to state agency' MD or DO. 

To Another Organization

Verification of a license that does not require a certified statement or letter is $22 (fee and online service charge) per license.

  • Sign in to your Online Services account
  • Go to Purchase Items (blue boxes on left hand side).
  • Select ‘Verification of physician license to non-state agency’ from drop-down box. 
  • Provide requested information and submit the fee. 

From Another State or Organization to the Iowa Board of Medicine

  • Iowa Board of Medicine requires primary source documentation.
  • Iowa Board of Medicine is not responsible for what other states charge for license verification.
  • Electronic verifications are currently being accepted.
  • License verification and other application requirement forms can be sent via email to the Licensure Team at
  • Only states we accept online verification from applicant:
  • Indiana – must include license verification (download) and disciplinary verification (screenshot). This would be two different website pulls.
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia, Washington, Oklahoma and Indiana – for Genetic Counselors only

Questions regarding license verification from other states should be directed to that state.

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