Applying for a License

M.D./D.O. Licensure Process

The Iowa Board of Medicine uses two online application systems for those that are applying for a permanent, administrative, resident, special or temporary license.  Applicants can complete the parts of the application in either order. These two systems are also used for those that are applying for reinstatement of a permanent Iowa medical license or an administrative medicine license that has been inactive for over 12 months.

Please note: The Iowa Board of Medicine communicates primarily by email, so please provide email addresses that are frequently monitored by the applicant. If you apply for a license and do not receive communication from board staff within two weeks of completing both steps below, please check your spam box for emails from, then contact the board at 515-281-6641. 

Read or download the guide "What to Expect in the Licensure Process"(pdf).

Application Part 1 - Uniform Application
The "Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure" or "UA" is used for all physician license applications. The UA benefits physicians by reducing redundancy in filling out multiple applications when applying for licensure in multiple states, thus increasing portability. Physicians will be able to apply to multiple states by filling out the UA once, then directing it to additional states. This will leave only the state-specific instructions and addendums of the application to be completed.  This application is located at the Federation of State Medical Boards’ website. 

  • To complete the UA go to After you select the Iowa Board of Medicine, download the instructions and read them completely. This document provides instruction specific to Iowa. The information is important and subject to change at any time.

The Federation of State Medical Boards offers and promotes a service called Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS). This service involves a separate application for creating a reusable profile of primary source verified credentials. The FCVS application is NOT a licensure application, and FCVS is NOT required by the Iowa Board of Medicine, though it is accepted. The Uniform Application (UA) is required.

Application Part 2 - State Specific Addendum
The state specific application addendum is completed through the board’s online services website. 

  • To complete the Application Addendum go to the Board's Online Services webpage.

Acupuncture Licensure Process

The acupuncture application is completed and submitted online through the board’s online services website.  Go to the Board's Online Services webpage to start the application process.

Download and review the Acupuncture Application Guide on how to apply for or reinstate an acupuncture license. Print and complete the applicable forms. 

Printed from the Iowa Board of Medicine website on October 31, 2020 at 6:49pm.