Board of Medicine


Status Code
1st Review 
Application is in the 1st Review Process... A first review takes place in the order in which the application was received. The applicant will be contacted via email, phone, or mail should materials be needed for the review to continue. If no materials are needed, the application will be forwarded to the second review process.  
2nd Review
Application is in the 2nd Review Process... A second review takes place when all required materials have been received and an initial review has been completed. It is at this time that a license application will be either prepared for review by the License and Examination Committee of the Board or issued a license number. The applicant will be notified of either the need for Committee review or of the issuance of a license.   
License is currently active.. . An active license allows the licensee to practice the profession without restriction.
Licensee is deceased. . . A licensee is placed in this category once the board receives confirmation by death certificate or Iowa Vital Records that the licensee is deceased.   
The board voted to deny licensure to the applicant. 
Licensee is inactive...An inactive license is not a current, active license. Inactive licenses may include licenses formerly known as delinquent, lapsed, or retired. One whose license is inactive continues to hold the privilege of licensure in Iowa but may not practice medicine under an Iowa license until the license is reinstated. A licensee may go inactive by submitting a written request to the board office or by failing to renew a license by the first day of the third month after the license expiration date.
Application has completed all reviews and a license is pending. Within 24 hours, a license number and expiration date will be determined and issued to the applicant.   
Pending Checklist
Application has been received... Once the board office receives an application for licensure, it enters the applicant’s information in the database and creates a file. The application has not received a review yet.
License is active and on probation.
License is active with restrictions.
License is revoked.
License is suspended.
License has been surrendered to the board.
The applicant's license application was withdrawn from consideration by the applicant or by IBM due to inactivity in the application process. 
Indicates that there maybe public information regarding this license. To request information about a public disciplinary action contact:

Luann Brickei
Phone (515) 242-3252

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