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Enforcement (complaints, disciplinary actions, investigation process) call  515-242-3252
Policy, Rules, Legal Questions call  515-281-7088
Licensure (initial licensure, verifications, applications) call  515-281-6641
Renewal of Licenses       call  515-242-3248
Iowa Physician Health Program  call  515-281-6006
Monitoring of Physicians (those that are under board order) call  515-281-5525
Information Technology call  515-281-6933
Press Inquiries call  515-242-3268
Financial (receipts, tax identification number, W-9 forms, billing concerns) call 515-281-3654
Miscellaneous call  515-281-6641

Fax Number:  515-242-5908

Fax Number for Enforcement:  515-281-8641

General E-mail:  

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2. Website content is subject to change without notice from the Board as a result of updates and corrections.  Public actions against licensees are posted on the website within a week after the Board has taken action, as provided by Iowa Administrative Code 653—Chapter 8. 6(1) “a.” Because all license applications are received online, applications  are posted immediately. Updates on licensee information, such as changes in names, work locations, and so forth, are added as they are received. Corrections for website content are made promptly after errors are identified and corrections are verified, which is usually within three to five days.

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