Board of Medicine

Board Members and Staff

Board Members

Diane Clark Chairperson, Public Member Lake Mills
Ronald Cheney, D.O. Vice Chair, Physician Member Carroll
Kyle Ulveling, M.D. Secretary, Physician Member Carroll
Hamed Tewfik, M.D. Physician Member Iowa City
Diane Cortese Public Member Urbandale
Mary Jo Romanco Public Member Pleasantville
Charles Wadle, D.O. Physician Member West Des Moines
Nicole Gilg Gachiani, M.D. Physician Member Des Moines
KellyAnn Light-McGroary, M.D. Physician Member Iowa City
Ronald Kolegraff, M.D. Physician Member Okoboji


Alternate Board Members

Carole Frier, D.O. Physician Member Des Moines
Analisa Haberman, D.O. Physician Member Mason City
Bruce Hughes, M.D. Physician Member Des Moines
John Marshall, M.D. Physician Member Council Bluffs
Paul Thurlow Public Member Dubuque
Janece Valentine Public Member Fort Dodge
Joyce Vista-Wayne, M.D. Physician Member Clive
Allen Zagoren, D.O. Physician Member Clive


Staff Members

Brandi Allen Investigator (515) 725-2279
Shantel Billington Office and Financial Manager (515) 281-3654
Mark Bowden Executive Director (515) 242-3268
Luann Brickei Support Coordinator (515) 242-3252
Sylvia Crook Licensing Specialist (515) 281-5172
Steve Ervin Systems Administrator & Webmaster (515) 281-6933
Steve Garrison Investigator (515) 242-3274
Jim Graham Chief Investigator (515) 281-5847
Chrissy Greco Assistant to Executive Director (515) 242-6039
Judy Hojati Renewal Coordinator (515) 242-3248
Jennifer Huisman Investigator (515) 725-2915
Aaron Kephart Investigator (515) 281-6039
Mary Knapp Monitoring and Probation Coordinator (515) 281-5525
Rachel Long Licensing Assistant (515) 281-7157
Cathy McCullough Investigator (515) 707-6127
David McGlaughlin Investigator (515) 707-6128
Kent Nebel Director of Legal Affairs (515) 281-7088
John Olds, M.D. Medical Advisor (515) 242-3229
Kari Rolls Enforcement Administrative Assistant (515) 281-3779
Natalie Sipes Director of Licensure (515) 281-6492
Crystal Tice Support Coordinator (515) 281-5499
Amy Van Maanen Iowa Physician Health Program Coordinator (515) 281-6006
Laura Wood Investigator (515) 725-0603
Emily Zalasky Iowa Physician Health Program Case Manager (515) 281-6491


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