Regulatory Plan FY 2018 (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

Executive Order No. 9 requires the Iowa Board of Medicine to annually submit a regulatory plan by August 1 listing each "regulatory action" (each potential rule currently under active consideration or development within the agency excluding those rules that do not have a substantial impact on the legal rights, privileges, or duties of persons) that the agency reasonably expects to issue in proposed or final form in that fiscal year or thereafter. 



The board is charged with safeguarding the public health, safety and welfare by:


licensing qualified physicians and acupuncturists;


investigating complaints against physicians and acupuncturists and taking corrective action;


operating a program for physicians and acupuncturists with an impairment;


defining the scope of medical and acupuncture practice;


working cooperatively with certain other agencies, e.g., Board of Physician Assistants, Board of Pharmacy; and


operating within specified limitations, e.g., public meetings law, public records law, waiver and variance law.



The board's priorities for rule writing for FY 2018 are as follows:


To fulfill any requirements imposed by the legislative session


To complete changes resulting from administrative and judicial decisions


To address public health issues


To update or rescind rules that are outdated



Potential rules in FY 2018 include:












IAC 653—Chapters 1-26

1. General language updates throughout for consistency in definitions, citations, practices and procedures, as identified in ongoing rules review

Iowa Code 147, 148,

17A, 272C

1. July1, 2017,

through June 30,


Mark Bowden (515) 242-


IAC 653—Chapter 8 - Fees

1.       Identify fees relating to online services, acupuncture license reinstatement, and licensure through Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

2.       Update description of data lists

Iowa Code 147, 147B,

148 and 272C

1-2. July 21, 2017


IAC 653—Chapter 9

Permanent Physician Licensure






IAC 653—Chapter 10

Resident, Special and Temporary Licensure



IAC 653—Chapter 11

Continuing Education and Training Requirements

1.       Recognize the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact’s expedited licensure process; eliminate the parochial rule on expedited licensure; establish a single rule on licensure by examination or endorsement; reference the new administrative medicine licenses.


2.       Re-define the definition of “special” and the requirements for a special licensure to clarify that this license could be a pathway for permanent license.


3.       Recognize that the Federation of State Medical Boards is an accredited continuing medical education provider; expand and/or clarify the definition of licensees required to complete training for chronic pain management and

end-of-life care.

Iowa Code 147, 148 and 272C

1. July 21, 2017


2.  September 16, 2017


3.  December 15, 2017


IAC 653—Chapter 13 Standards of Practice

1.       Update standards for pain management.


2.       Establishing standards on practices identified in 2017 legislation, including diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease, the limitations and prerequisites for an abortion, and reviewing recommendations from the Iowa Department of Public Health’s medical cannabidiol board.


3.       Update on ethical standards.


4.       Update on licensee’s responsibilities for patient records when a practice closes.

Iowa Code 147, 148 and 272C

1.  February 16, 2018


2.  December 15, 2017


3.  February 16, 2018


4. April 6, 2018


IAC 653—Chapter 17 Licensure of Acupuncturists

1.   Update process used for licensee discipline.

Iowa Code 147, 148E

and 272C

1. December 15, 2017


IAC 653—Chapter 20 (new chapter) Physician Supervision of a Conditional Prescribing Psychologist

1. Joint rules with psychology board for prescribing by psychologists (SF2188)

Iowa Code 147, 148

1. September 15, 2017


IAC 653—Chapter 21

Physician Supervision of a Physician Assistant

1.    Require a written supervisory agreement.

Iowa Code 147, 148 and 272C

1. July 21, 2017


IAC 653—Chapter 23 Grounds for Discipline

1.       Add a grounds for discipline relating to inappropriate supervision of a conditional prescribing psychologist.


2.       Update grounds for discipline regarding ethical standards and sexual harassment.

Iowa Code 147, 148

1-2. September

15, 2017








FY2018 REGULATORY PLAN - The Iowa Board of Medicine’s priorities for rulemaking and legislation in FY2018 (July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018) are as follows: Fulfill any requirements imposed new laws; complete changes resulting from administrative and judicial decisions; address public health issues; and update or rescind rules that are outdated. The list above include possible amendments in administrative rules the Board may pursue in FY2018. Some rule changes are required to complement new statutes. * The dates assigned to the tentative schedule correspond with regularly scheduled Board meetings. Agendas on Board meetings are posted on at a week to 10 days prior to a meeting.