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Press/News Releases

(Summaries of board actions, activities and developments)

The Iowa Board of Medicine issues press/news releases to cause public awareness of board actions and activities and developments that affect the authority of the board and the operations of this state agency. These releases conform to state statutes and administrative rules on public records.

Releases are summaries of actions, activities and developments in three broad categories:

Releases are distributed by ordinary mail and by e-mail, are posted on the board’s website and on public bulletin boards, and are made available at board meetings and events.  To automatically receive board releases by e-mail, send an e-mail to:

Releases are archived on the board’s website,

Releases are prepared by board staff and are reviewed by the board’s executive director and/or the legal director before they are disseminated.  Inquiries about releases are handled by the executive director and/or the legal director.

Format and content of releases vary, depending upon the nature of the release. Information may include hyperlinks to documents or information elsewhere on the Web.


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